Hack of the Day: How To Keep Soft Tacos From Falling Over
So simple we’re angry we didn’t think of it sooner.

Here’s how attractive tacos are: when I need to boost my Instagram self-esteem, that’s what I post. Our awesome followers will “like” me right back on track to being the amateur food photographer I always fancied myself to be.

One simple trick will keep soft tacos from lying flat on their backs, exposing their filling for all the world to see. Got a biodegradable, super-cheap, buy-’em-in-bulk bamboo skewer? You’re on your way to taco presentation mastery. First, prepare your tacos. Here are a few ideas:

Now take a skewer and thread it through the tops of both tacos (or all three tacos if it’s one of those nights). Who’s standing up all by themselves? Those tacos right there on your plate. Need to put one down for a swig of margarita? Ensure it doesn’t fall to pieces by re-skewering until you’re ready to pick it back up and finish.

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